Measure type: Action and Crisis Management Plans and Training


Action and crisis management plans and training will support the staff of the water supply company in the handling of situations to prevent an attack or after an attack. In DIN EN 15975-1:2016-03 (Security of drinking water supply - Guidelines for risk and crisis management - Part 1: Crisis management) the main structure of a successful risk and crisis management for the security of drinking water supply are presented (DIN EN 15975-1 2011). Examples are the establishment of a crisis unit, the definition of hierarchies of decision during crises or the cooperation between suppliers and authorities. Staff of water supply companies may be trained for actions in crisis situations and situations after attacks. With this measure also an education of the population to train their behavior can be meant. This means for example information about a correct behavior in case of attacks. It includes the preparation of crisis management plans for the water supply companies and information material for the population. Action and crisis management plans and training may also be seen as a kind of Consequence Mitigation.